Scaling a business in the right way, to the correct level, and at the right time is critical in order to manage efficiently and productively–to delivering results.  DON’s record of organic growth demonstrates our ability to scale the right way and our capacity to take on and manage new ventures.

Other companies have ventured into the hemp fiber processing space but, for a variety of reasons, have not been successful.  So we studied these companies and learned.  Being first doesn’t guarantee profitability.  Timing is a critical factor, and we believe the market is just now at the right point to proceed.    We believe our ability to keep our focus on high quality fiber and hurd is what makes our startup different.  We are not trying to compete in all the hemp spaces–just fiber and hurd processing.

Our team brings decades of experience in managing very complex, geographically wide-spread, multi-national businesses.  That includes having the discipline that comes with the experience of managing a public company.  We manage people-oriented businesses with a lot of “moving parts” and we work “hands-on”, because our businesses require it.  And we enjoy it.  Because the underlying component is that DON companies create jobs, offer opportunity, and drive local economies–our commitment to deliver results runs deeply.

DON companies and divisions collectively employ over 1,000 people who work in diverse sectors in nine western PA counties:

DON Services: An in-home non-medical personal care provider serving 700 consumers

DON Enterprises: The only non-government PA entity administering USDA Housing Preservation Funds which provide rural residents assistance to make necessary home repairs, major FHLBank grant award recipient revitalizing blighted properties into affordable, accessible homes

Disability Options Network:  Disability rights advocacy, community-based services, wellness program, durable medical goods reuse program

DON Insurance: Auto, home, and travel insurance

DON ReClaim:  Construction materials reclamation and reuse retail outlet

DON Recovery Services:  Substance abuse treatment (startup)

DON Management:  Back-office support services including Legal, Finance, Human Resources and IT, residential and commercial construction