Our Location

  • Access to raw material–high-quality soil, adequate rainfall, and strategically central to major agricultural region of PA, OH, NY and WV

  • Central to the country’s plastics manufacturing base, and within easy distance to automotive manufacturers, both key end-use markets

  • Well-developed infrastructure with easy access, including a 34-mile local rail system which connects to national rail system

  • Traditional center of manufacturing with experienced labor force and good access to talent

  • Salary levels are lower than the national average due to low cost of living

  • Agribusiness companies are of high importance in PA—tax credits, grants for new businesses/brownfield renovations are all available

  • Surrounded by research universities, for example, University of Akron, with a top U.S. polymer research department, and Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, with grants available for research which will benefit PA companies