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The Problem–The U.S. Fiber Market is in the First-Mover Stage; the lack of large-scale processing solutions is the bottleneck

Current U.S. decortication options include both stationary and mobile equipment, but they have low capacity and require additional processing solutions in order meet end-users’ specifications.

The Solution is DON’s Decortication Equipment Choice:


  • CRETES has developed, designed and built complete processing lines for hemp fiber for decades; these lines are successfully operating on four continents, including the largest processor in France, LA CHANVRIÈRE, Europe’s major player for the past forty years.

  • Capacity is up to 10-tons per hour which requires 10,000 acres of production

  • Processes for the widest range of specifications and applications, including textiles, unlike smaller, cheaper decortication equipment lines

  • Flexible input options can be either round or square bales, bulk or bundles so farmers can use existing equipment

  • Output:

    • Fibers with less than 3% of shives (pressed in bales)

    • Cleaned hurd (pressed in bags or in bulk)

    • Short fibers (pressed in bales)

    • Dust (pressed in pellets or briquettes or unprocessed in bulk)



DON also offers an exclusive opportunity:

Our team traveled to Paducah, KY in October 2019 to meet with Fibonacci founder Greg Wilson and to assess the potential opportunity of this new sustainable product.  HempWood™ production does not require decortication, and we are considering investment in a production facility to complement our decortication business.  After numerous interactions, and the disruption of the pandemic, a reciprocal visit by Greg and his Operations Officer Tommy Copeland happened in late summer.  Greg and Tommy came to assess our Test Acres Program and to continue our discussions.  HempWood™ has extended to us the offer of one of its first two exclusive HempWood™ Licenses.